MS Shock Therapy has the very latest in suspension technology and has the expertise to be able to use it to help you shave tenths of a second at the track.

DRP DSS Systems are more than just a pull down fixture. They are chassis set-up platforms that allow you first to master the 3 foundational pillars to successful set-ups: 

Ride Heights, Wheel Weights & Wheel Positions.

Then, they give you the ability to go beyond static measurements, by allowing the user to position the chassis at any travel, under full load, while taking over 35 different measurements.

These systems allow you to do chassis set-ups better, faster and more complete than ever before.

But...Analytics, numbers, and statistics do nothing if you don't know what to do with that information. That's where Mark Smith and MS Shock Therapy excels beyond the rest. Mark will analyze your current situation and make adjustments that will put you right where you want to be when you hit the track.

Remember... Races are won in the shop...

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